Why is Las Sendas Golf Club going private when everyone else seems to be going public?

Las Sendas is going private because the demographics and population of the surrounding communities, including Las Sendas, Red Mountain, and Mountain Bridge, will support a private club.

Las Sendas has a completely different business plan from the traditional private golf club. First and most importantly, we are debt free and will continue to stay that way! We are presently a semi-privatefacility, which will transition into a private golf club. Our operational revenue is generated from public play and will only reduce once we sell memberships, which will have offsetting revenue. In addition, our food and beverage facilities drive additional profitable revenue and will remain open to the public. Las Sendas does not  require memberships to be profitable, operational income exceeds our operational expenses. We are selling memberships because a private golf club is desired by these communities!

The reason many clubs are reverting from “private” to “semi-private” is a result of the present economy, reduced memberships and significant debt carried by the golf clubs themselves. Clubs with large mortgages cannot service their debt because their cash flow does not support their financial demands. As a result, private clubs are faced with cutting operational costs, reducing fees and offering public play in times unused by their members.

Is Las Sendas Golf Club going to be completely private?

Yes, the golf club will become private once we have 350 members, however we will continue to sell memberships until we cap at 450.

Will our other restaurants become private at the same time?

No, the restaurants will always remain “public.” Private clubs with private restaurants often show a loss because their clientele is not large enough to make F&B operations viable. The additional business generated by the community allows the restaurants to operate efficiently allowing for better service, fresher products and a larger and more diverse menu.

What does “100% refundable Golf Memberships” mean?

100% refundable golf memberships mean that an existing member receives 100% of their initial deposit back when we sell their membership in the Club.

What types of memberships are available?

We offer several memberships to satisfy the needs of our communities. We are one of the only clubs in the immediate area that offers a 100% refund policy on the initiation fee, “single or primary golfer” memberships, seasonal or “snowbird” 6 month memberships and several other exclusive offerings.

For every 5 memberships sold, the initiation fee increases by $1,000.

Can I use my own cart at Las Sendas?

Yes, as a member you have the choice of using your own cart via a monthly trail fee. The cart must conform to our color and style guidelines. Members also have the option of walking the golf course at their discretion.

Do Member’s Guests receive a discount?

Yes, all members receive a green fee guest rate which will vary based on the season. We will ensure that your guests receive a rate less than any of the tee time providers and local specials.

What membership benefits and services does the Club provide?

  • A newly renovated Clubhouse with Member-Only locker facilities

  • Participation in all Member-Only leagues, tournaments and social events

  • A 10% discount in all restaurants

  • 10% discount in pro shop – offering all major brands

  • Oasis Midway House and Halfway House with restrooms and refreshments

  • Club storage facility included

  • Shoe shine facility

  • Member locker area and day use of shower facility included?

  • Unlimited use of practice facility and range balls included

  • Arizona Golf Association handicap management

We are very excited about our Privatization Plan and what we are doing to continually ensure Las Sendas Golf Club is rated as one of the finest clubs in Arizona.

For more information on membership at Las Sendas Golf Club, please contact: 

Wayne McBean
Membership Director
Email: wmcbean@lassendas.com
Phone: (480) 396-4000 ext. 201